Shimmer Body Art: Great for a Group of Friends

shimmer-body-art-glitter-tattoos-review-WTOLWTOL of Toledo, OH recently reviewed the Shimmer Body Art for their “Does it Work?” segment and they asked tweens Emma Priggel and Kendyl Stuckey to help out.

Emma and Kendyl “often wear removable tattoos” and they said they’ve seen the Shimmer Body Art advertised. After realizing the importance of following the instructions of the Shimmer Body Art “the girls got creative and painted three different colors, just like the box shows.”

“The glitter tattoos sparkle in the eyes of these two girls” notes WTOL and “Emma thinks it’d be fun to do with a group of friends.”

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11 Alive Reviews Shimmer Body Art

shimmer-body-art-glitter-tattoos-review-11aliveNBC station, 11 Alive of Atlanta Georgia, recently reviewed the Shimmer Body Art for their “Try It Before You Buy It” segment.

Sara Peters said she “loves glitter and sparkling makeup” and was happy to try Shimmer Body Art glitter tattoos. The segment goes on to show Sara following the simple Shimmer Body Art steps. When asked how often she’d put on these glittering tattoos, Sara replied “every day!” She went on to say she’d spend her whole allowance on them.

The segment ends with Sara saying “my rating for the Shimmer Glitter Tattoos is awesome” while gives the camera a big smile and big thumbs up.

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Shimmer Body Art Welcomes Halloween 2013

For many Americans the air is starting to become a bit colder and the leaves on the trees are showing signs of changing colors. These indications of Autumn mean that Halloween is right around the corner. Soon it will be time to celebrate the season by creating your best Halloween costumes and the Shimmer Body Art glitter tattoos can help you achieve that goal. Add some glittering hearts or stars with your child’s princess costume or go to that work party as a hippie with a glittering peace sign tattoo. With the Shimmer Body Art, the possibilities are endless!

Put on your favorite glitter tattoos this Autumn…and have a Happy Halloween!


Shimmer Body Art: Big Hit at Birthday Party!

Jaimee speaks about her experiences with Shimmer Body Art for her website Coupon Crazy and Freebie Fanatic and she provides her readers with a glowing review.

“My cousin brought [Shimmer Body Art] to her daughter’s 5th Birthday, and it was a hit” she exclaims. “I even had to have one applied to my arm, all the kids went back for MORE! It was very easy for an adult to apply & I am sure my girls could do it just fine….Even my 5 year old could do it!”

Jaimee goes on to post some pictures of the glitter tattoos created with Shimmer Body Art and concludes by saying” This product is SO fun. I love it!”

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CBS 2 Tries the Shimmer Body Art

CBS 2 in Iowa decided to see if Shimmer Body Art really works. One of the reporters volunteered to get a glitter tattoo on his arm. The other reporters picked out the design and decided on the very manly Hawaiian flower. After cleaning the area and applying the adhesive, they started putting on the glitter. The flower turned out pretty well and even had different colored petals.

You can check out the Shimmer Body Art video on CBS 2.

Shimmer Body Art is Fun for the Whole Family

A review of Shimmer Body Art was recently posted by GingerHart on Squidoo. Ginger thought the concept for Shimmer Body Art was a great one and her kids were certainly excited about trying it. Needless to say, the kids loved it and Ginger had fun too. “The concept of these glitter tattoos is pretty simple, but very appealing for kids! They would not only be great for birthday parties, but would be ideal for any event where children’s entertainment is required!” she said.

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Shimmer Body Art Passed the Test

Shimmer Body Art was recently featured in a “Does it Work” segment on News Channel 3. Kris Anderson met with Angel Rhea and her two little girls to put the product to the test. Angel was excited to try Shimmer Body Art because it is an easy and affordable craft for her girls and they can even apply the tattoos without her help! “The girls are able to apply the tattoos without mom’s help and gave Angel a tattoo to match,” Anderson said. Their Shimmer Body Art tattoos were easy to apply and held up well after a few days so the product certainly ‘passed the test’.

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Get Ready for Spring with Shimmer Body Art

Shimmer Body Art was recently featured in an article from Drug Store News about the increase in sales of As Seen On TV products. “Retailers are dedicating more space to the category year-round and are carving out endcaps for specific product assortments at key times during the year,” they said. With spring and summer coming about, you will most likely see retailers making room for additional sets of Shimmer Body Art so that kids and adults alike can show off their shimmering glitter designs!

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Shimmer Body Art is Easy to Apply and Lots of Fun

YouTube user MeganMcDonald2998 recently posted a detailed video tutorial on how to apply Shimmer Body Art for long lasting results. Megan recommends taking off the stencil right after applying the glue to your skin so that you can reuse the stencil at a later date. “Wait for the glue to turn clear or else it will stick to the brush and make the process messy,” she said.

To watch her full tutorial on Shimmer Body Art, check out MeghanMcDonald1998 on YouTube

Make Glimmering Designs with Shimmer Body Art

A review and tutorial for Shimmer Body Art was recently posted on YouTube by Reagan, YouTube Channel Webkinz Playhouse. Reagan got the Shimmer Body Art Starter Kit and loved the stencils it came with. She demonstrates how to properly apply the stencil, glue, and glitter to make beautiful shimmering designs.

To watch the full review of Shimmer Body Art, check out Reagan’s YouTube channel.