Anyone Can Use Shimmer Body Art! recently featured a review of Shimmer Body Art on their blog. They found that the product requires a little bit of trial and error to really know how to color the tattoos with glitter, but half the fun is in experimenting!  They said Shimmer Body Art was a perfect alternative to the expensive, professional glitter tattoos available at amusement parks. “By being able to recreate these they’re letting you bottle up that good time and transfer it wherever you want,” they said.

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Shimmer Body Art

You’ve seen artists at theme parks and parties create bedazzling designs…Now you can create your own professional body art shimmer that shines bright, day & night! It takes only seconds – Just press on the stencil wherever you want to Shimmer. Brush on the patented adhesive, dip the brush in the glitter – it takes no time to apply the design – then just go with the glow!